• julianlindqvist

A Paradigm Shift in Transportation

Uppdaterad: 6 aug 2020

As globalisation continues to fuel urbanisation, our familiar ways of getting from point A to point B will soon be outdated. When more and more people move in to live in cities, the traditional solutions for getting around will not be able to fulfill their mission as efficient means of transportation. Today's solutions will become tomorrow's problems. This has already been noticed with increasing traffic and unbearable rush hours. The average trip in the future is going to be shorter and more spontaneous. This will turn the privately-owned car into a suboptimal solution for getting around.

What characterizes a paradigm shift is when the same problems cannot be tackled by the old solutions. An example of this was given by Albert Einstein to one of his students. The student noticed that the questions in his exam were exactly the same as last year. As an honest student he kindly stood up and expressed his concern. Einstein replied by saying that he has nothing to worry about since the answers have changed. This confirms the beginning of a new paradigm since last year's exam. Once our cities become increasingly populated the private car is no longer going to be the answer for how to get around easily in a metropolitan area. The answer for transportation has to be something more flexible and more efficient. The privately-owned car has gone from being the answer to being the problem itself by causing hopeless rush hours and lack of space.