Creating Value by Providing a Second Opinion

The way we move is about to change. Tidem provides insights into the ongoing paradigm shift in mobility and transportation 

About Us

Tidem is a Nordic consultancy company specializing in the mobility and automotive industry. Tidem offers industry and company specific analysis to professional investors. Tidem has a history of working with world leading automotive manufacturers to ambitious mobility ventures.


We possess experience-based knowledge from the mobility and automotive industry. This background enables us to provide investors with valuable insights on the key factors and stakeholders in the on-going paradigm shift in transportation.



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Tidem creates value by lowering the risk of an investment with a specialized second opinion. Our experience-based insight contributes to controlled investment risk and higher certainty.


We act as independent outside consultants in the investment team and are therefore in an easier position to create productive conflicts than ordinary employees and permanent team members.




Julian Lindqvist

Strategic Advisor 

Tidem Oy

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